​Zenith Falls 0.1 - Update Changes & Development

We want to thank everyone who went ahead and tried our first alpha release! We wrote down a lot of bugs and made tons of fixes, we made it easier to reach the combat and get into the action! The world is constantly growing and we plan to have networking implemented once we finish polishing up bugs and glitches.

If you run into any issues, even if you can't get the game to run, let our team know and we will make sure to fix those issues, its our number one goal right now to make sure the player experience is 100%!

If you like the game and want to stay permanently on the alpha team before spots fill up, be sure to join us on discord! 

Discord: https://discord.gg/PWGGxnw

New Equipment Weapon System 
As the world comes to life things become more clear to our team. Right now we're removing all weapons and creating some new custom weapons that fit the world more. Side weapons have turned into items that help you maneuver the environment , to have a better use instead of being another weapon in your left hand. (to use these you hold down your right mouse button)

We went ahead and implemented some very broad examples of our new gear types, we first have the Jet Pack, this side item is used to help you travel the air for a short time and land on other airships possibly in the middle of a raid, or just for fun travel :D. Second is our personal favorite, the Hip Grappling Hook (subject to change). This will pull you towards a direction and be harder to control in the air but more dynamic but both can easily fit two different types of play styles. 

 While playing Zenith Falls you will notice that we switched the jump button with the "F" key and we do plan to implement key binds for those who have issues with this setup! For anyone wandering the reasoning behind our decisions, it was mainly mechanic focused. Combat is an important feature, rolling during combat gives you a quick advantage of dodging and receiving less damage if your hit while rolling. While on the other hand, jumping is meant for times not necessarily always under pressure. 

Passive / Skill System: 
We wanted to have a passive system for players to select a skill that would benefit them in the background, further making them more unique than other players. We came up with some amazing new passive skills that can benefit each player differently based on their play type in the world of Zenith!

1) Engineer   When it comes to technological items your skill is increased, this can be damage, research and defense boosts, also have an advantage at fighting electrical enemies

2) Archaeologist   You uncover artifacts with more skill, leaving less damage and making them more valuable. You gain double the income from selling and recovering anything to do with the past & lore

3) Historian   Historians are perfected at knowing the most history of the past, with this knowledge they are faster at performing tasks, have higher respect gained from city locals, better deals

4) Warrior   Known for their skills in battle, warriors gain have more stamina and last longer while in combat, due to their murderous tendencies, they are feared among locals

Changes to Travel System: 
We added a new vehicle that can be found next to the hovercraft, this is going to replace the hovercraft as a starting vehicle, while the hovercraft will become a later tier item.  The replacement vehicle is a smaller version of the airship, used to hold 2-3 people.


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Oct 30, 2020

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